Career Interest Coaching

Does your teen…

  • Question the purpose of schooling?
  • Feel overwhelmed by testing and other requirements for college?
  • Struggle to connect college preparation with meaningful career goals?
  • Feel lost when trying to come up with areas of interest for studying or extracurricular pursuits?
  • Lack a realistic idea of a future career that is well-suited to him or her?

Our Career Interest Coaching program is the first step to help high school and college students develop an actionable plan for lifelong success.

Working one-on-one with our educational coaches, students discover areas of interests and explore potential career paths. Students will have access to thousands of interviews with professionals in a wide-range of career fields to gain real-world perspective.

Success Formula:

Program Overview:

  • 1:1 Coaching from LJLW Instructors
  • 12 Engaging Lessons
  • Identification of Personal Interests
  • Career Path Research & Professional Interview Project

Student Outcomes:

  • Increased Student Motivation & Perseverance
  • Connecting College with Future Goals
  • Improved Goal-Setting Behavior and Investment in College as a Path to Success

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