We offer one-on-one evaluations of students’ academic skills to define clear objectives for instruction and recommendations for home/school accommodations. Assessments are selected from standardized sources and customized to match areas of concern.

All Assessments Include:

  • One-to-one testing setting at La Jolla LearningWorks La Jolla or Carmel Valley offices
  • Written report including personalized recommendations to address areas for growth
  • Parent feedback session to review results

Full Academic Skills Assessment

Get a clear picture of your child’s strengths and weaknesses and develop an academic support plan to integrate various skill areas

Recommended for Students Who:

  • Have not been previously evaluated or have out-of-date testing (3+ years)
  • Received inconclusive testing and require clarity for an effective support plan

Assessment Areas:

  • Reading Decoding, Fluency, and Comprehension
  • Oral Language and Listening Skills
  • Writing and Spelling
  • Mathematics

Specific Skill Assessments

Develop an academic plan to address difficulties in a limited range of academic applications

Recommended for Students Who:

  • Need support in specific skills identified by classroom teachers or parents

Assessment Areas:

  • Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Executive Functioning

Psychoeducational Evaluations

Collaborative assessment with clinicians at Psychology 360, overseen by clinical psychologist, Donica Dohrenwend, Ph.D., and the La Jolla LearningWorks team to diagnose and treat learning disorders

Recommended for Students Who:

  • Show signs of a learning disability or developmental disorder
  • Struggle with attention, motivation, or executive functions
  • Are seeking accommodations for standardized testing

Assessment Areas:

  • Cognitive Functioning (IQ) 
  • Attention/Focus/Impulsivity 
  • Emotional/Mental Health
  • Dyslexia/Learning Disabilities
  • Communication and Social Skills