Our Approach


Students are as varied as they come, and what works for one individual does not always work for others. Ensuring the right learning tools and environment are applied to your child’s education is a fundamental foundation for future growth, both socially and academically.

At La Jolla LearningWorks we’ve created an entire learning system built upon one-on-one programs. Specializing in K-12th grade students, we construct individual programs that nurture one’s strengths while addressing the areas in need.

A learning environment that works

  • One-on-one instruction to complement individual learning styles and address specific weaknesses
  • Experienced instructors with subject-area expertise and ease in relating to students
  • Personal attention to build students’ confidence and pride in their academic achievement
  • Multi-sensory instruction in reading, spelling, handwriting, mathematics, and content areas
  • Making lessons meaningful to connect learning with student interests and goals
  • Teaching metacognitive strategies and critical thinking to empower independent learners
  • Rewarding curiosity, hard work, persistence, and successes
  • Regular assessment to monitor progress and fine-tune instruction
  • Collaboration with parents, teachers, and other supporting professionals

Develop your child’s full achievement potential by discovering learning success within an encouraging environment.