Online Tutoring for Children with Learning Challenges

Online Tutoring for Children with Learning Challenges

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Students with learning disabilities benefit greatly from structure. As the coronavirus continues to keep schools closed and extracurricular activities suspended, what that looks like has changed. More responsibility has fallen on overburdened parents to help children set and consistently work toward academic goals, as well as work through every challenge along the way. Online tutoring for learning disabilities provides structure and skill-building for students and support for parents. Here you’ll learn how online tutoring can help children with learning challenges while removing undue pressure from parents and contributing to a more harmonious educational experience.

What types of online tutoring are there?

One-to-one – With one-to-one online tutoring, students benefit from the undivided attention of their tutor and a highly personalized experience. Tutors can help students set and work toward academic goals while simultaneously developing important skills like organization and time management. 

Small group – With small group online tutoring, students benefit from personalized attention as well as interaction with their peers. As children with disabilities work toward their academic goals with the support and guidance of their tutor, they also develop interpersonal skills through collaborating and communicating with other students. 

What subject areas can learning disabilities tutors support?

Learning disabilities tutors support all of the core subjects, including reading comprehension, writing, social studies, science, and math. One tutor may support multiple subject areas, especially for lower grades, or a student may have multiple tutors that specialize in different subject areas. 

What are some of the skills a learning disabilities tutor could target?

In addition to the core curriculum, learning disability tutors can help students build academic skills like test preparation, study strategies, and note-taking. They can also help students improve executive functioning skills, which include adaptable thinking, planning, self-monitoring, self-control, working memory, time management, and organization.

How can I find a learning disabilities tutor near me?

You can find local learning disabilities tutors in your area via recommendations from your school, local Facebook groups, or even by doing a Google search. La Jolla LearningWorks has been serving students and families in the San Diego area since 2009, and thanks to our online tutoring programs, we can continue providing academic support to students in San Diego and beyond while keeping families safe during the pandemic.

How can I find the right online tutor for my child with a learning disability?

  • Communication – Communication is absolutely key – between the tutor and your child, and also between the tutor and you. Make sure any tutor you consider is prepared to give clear, thorough instructions to your child and to provide you with progress reports along the way.
  • Learning Style – Look for tutors who are experienced with different teaching modalities and who express a willingness to understand and work with your child’s learning style. 
  • Flexibility – It may sound counterintuitive because children with disabilities benefit from structure, but flexibility is important, too. Your child will have good days and less productive days, especially due to the mental and emotional effects of life during a pandemic, and a good tutor will take this into account when gauging progress.
  • Fit – How can you tell if a tutor is a good fit for your child? Ask your child! Before contacting potential tutors, talk to your child to understand their wants and needs for the person they will be working with. 

Why LJLW’s online tutoring could be the right fit for your child

One-to-one format – One-to-one online tutoring is characterized by collaborative communication and multisensory instruction. We work with students to set goals and achieve them over time while developing foundational skills and building confidence. Our caring and experienced instructors make lessons meaningful by aligning with students’ goals and connecting with their interests. 

Small group format – Our small group sessions, Enrichment Circles, allow students to benefit from personalized attention from their instructor as well as social interaction with their peers. Students build academic and interpersonal skills while learning and having fun. 

Customized plans – With our customized learning plans, your child will be able to address areas of weakness while further developing their strengths and building confidence in their abilities. Regular assessments allow us to monitor progress and fine-tune instruction to keep meeting your child’s evolving needs. We offer regular progress reports for parents so you can understand how your child is progressing every step of the way. Our instructors lead with compassion and reward curiosity.

Your child needs to feel secure and supported now more than ever, and you need the freedom to be there for them without tension caused by schoolwork. An online learning disabilities tutor can provide the consistency, structure, and academic support your child needs so you can focus on being their parent. Connect with us to learn how La Jolla LearningWorks can help your child with learning disabilities thrive while staying safe.

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