Success Stories

Case Study 2: Charlie Campbell/Educational Therapy

  • 6th Grade, Muirlands Middle School

  • Inventor, Mechanic, and Robotics Champion

“For the past four years, LearningWorks has provided weekly academic support for our dyslexic son, including evaluation, setting goals, creating a customized plan, monitoring progress, and reading support as well as general homework help. He knows how much he’s improved with support outside of school, and he looks forward to working with his tutor.” – Meredith Campbell

Charlie first started working with La Jolla LearningWorks at the beginning of his 3rd grade year. His family had recently moved to San Diego from out of state and was looking for support to help Charlie overcome his dyslexia and dysgraphia. Charlie struggled with reading, handwriting, and spelling. He was sensitive about taking additional time to complete his schoolwork and his difficulty with reading, but knew he had a “different” brain – like a musician or engineer.

During twice weekly one-on-one sessions, Charlie developed the basic building blocks for literacy, working on decoding, spelling, and building his reading fluency. His instructors quickly recognized Charlie’s advanced conceptual thinking and praised his interest in mechanics and building. Like many children with dyslexia, Charlie has strong visual-spatial thinking skills and enjoys playing with Legos, PCV pipes, and anything else he can use to build the machines he dreams up.

As school demands have increased over the years, Charlie has worked to develop his writing organizational skills, vocabulary knowledge, and technology tools. He has a special bond with his LJLW instructor and always comes to sessions with a smile – and usually a story to tell about his latest invention.

Now in middle school, Charlie is able to keep up with his peers, while continuing to strengthen the academic skills he will need for success in high school and college. With his persistence and positive attitude, success for Charlie is inevitable!