Summer Programs 2018


Enroll your child in our Summer Programs and see your child’s confidence, academic skills, and love of learning soar.

Our customized summer programs help students achieve measurable growth in a variety of fundamental academic skills. We create an individualized learning plan for each student to address areas for growth in our one-on-one sessions. See marked improvement in reading, writing, math, and study skills in just a few weeks!

We believe you should know how we’re doing with your child at all times. So, we build open lines of communication for you with our directors and educational coaches to monitor and fine-tune our instruction. Following each session, you will receive a personalized session report on your child’s performance. All summer programs include a cumulative Progress Report and Conference to show you the gains your child has made and share feedback on how your child can continue to maximize his or her potential.


Summer programs for 2018 are scheduled in 4-week blocks to provide consistent scheduling with an educational coach whose expertise best suits your child’s learning needs.

•  2 days/week (Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday)
•  4 days/week (Monday-Thursday)

Sessions may be booked for 1, 1.5, or 2 hours. Fridays are reserved for make-up sessions.

Note: Sessions falling on July 4th will be rescheduled for Friday, July 6th.

Once confirmed, we will reserve session times with your child’s instructor(s) to provide consistency in instruction through each Summer Block. One rescheduled session is allowed per block. Please provide a two-week notice to avoid the $35/hour rescheduling fee. Make-up sessions will be held on Fridays and must be completed within the current session block.


What It’s All AboutEnsure your child’s academic success with our foundational reading program! This program individualizes instruction in phonics, word recognition, decoding, spelling, and vocabulary skills to build a strong foundation for fluent reading and writing.
Who Would Benefit:
Students who don’t like to read, struggle with reading fluently and/or spelling, or have a history of difficulty with phonics or dyslexia.
Recommended Frequency: 8 hours/week

What It’s All About: Knowing where to start is oftentimes the hardest part of writing. We teach students to approach writing as a multi-step process that encourages logical organization of ideas, using strong supporting details, and editing for grammar and spelling.
Who Would Benefit: Students who feel overwhelmed with writing and resist using the writing process to review and revise their work.
Recommended Frequency: 4-8 hours/week

What It’s All AboutReading to learn is the goal of literacy. In this program, students develop reading comprehension strategies, vocabulary knowledge, and critical thinking skills to become highly effective learners. Required summer reading books can be integrated into the student’s program.
Who Would Benefit:
Students entering grades 3-12 with weaknesses in reading comprehension or study skills.
Recommended Frequency: 4-8 hours/week

What It’s All AboutMathematics can be difficult to master with the quick pace of classroom instruction. In our math calculations and problem-solving program, we help our students understand basic number sense concepts and calculation procedures so that they can achieve success with higher-level problem solving.
Who Would Benefit: Students entering grades 1-6 who don’t like math or who struggle with sequential thinking, visual-spatial reasoning, and memorization.
Recommended Frequency: 4-8 hours/week

What It’s All AboutSucceeding in school depends on a lot more than academic knowledge – you have to know how to learn. Strong students utilize their executive function skills to plan ahead, keep track of assignments, and apply effective study strategies. In this summer course, we help students understand their unique learning style and develop effective tools to manage daily life and schoolwork.
Who Would BenefitStudents entering grades 7-12 and college who struggle with organization, time management, and consistent performance on tests and other school assignments.
Recommended Frequency: 4-8 hours/week

What It’s All About: Preparing for private school admissions begins with a solid foundation in the skills needed to succeed in a college-preparatory academic environment. In this program, students begin with a diagnostic test to identify needs for support in Verbal Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Quantitative Reasoning, Mathematics Achievement, and Essay Composition. Instruction focuses on building these foundational skills and developing strategies for timed multiple-choice and free writing testing.
Who Would Benefit
Students entering grades 4-11 who will be applying for private school admissions for the 2018 school year.
Recommended Frequency: 4-8 hours/week

What It’s All About: Preparing for Catholic high school admissions begins with a solid foundation of the skills acquired throughout middle school. In this program, students begin with a diagnostic test to identify needs for support in Verbal Reasoning and Vocabulary, Mathematics and Problem Solving, Reading Comprehension, and Essay Composition & Grammar. Instruction focuses on building these foundational skills and developing strategies for timed multiple-choice testing.
Who Would Benefit
Students entering 8th grade who will be applying for Catholic high school admissions for the 2019 school year.
Recommended Frequency: 4-6 hours/week

What It’s All About: Minimize the stress of college admissions with individualized test preparation for the ACT/SAT! Our program strengthens students’ specific skills for growth while developing savviness in applying strategies to excel on timed standardized tests. Beginning with a diagnostic practice test, we identify skills to review and sharpen, as well as strategies that will help students refine their performance to achieve their target SAT/ACT scores.
Who Would BenefitStudents entering grades 10-12 who plan on applying to 4-year colleges after high school.
Recommended Frequency: 4-8 hours/week

What It’s All About: We are excited to offer an affiliate program for one-on-one foreign language classes for high school credit. (24 hours = one year!) This online program can be used to complete your foreign language requirements in the comfort of your home or to re-do classes to improve your GPA!
Who Would Benefit: Middle or high school students who would prefer a 1:1 personalized setting to learn another language, allow room in their school year schedule for other courses, or who need to re-do a class to boost their GPA!
Recommended Frequency: 3-4 hours/week


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