Educational Therapy


Educational Therapy offers a higher level of support for children with learning challenges, such as Dyslexia (reading disorder), Dysgraphia (writing disorder), Dyscalculia (mathematics disorder) and ADD/ADHD, to address differences in cognitive functions and learning styles. We bridge the gaps that impair children from learning in the classroom and completing assignments independently, be it at home or in school. We work collaboratively with parents, teachers, and other supporting professionals (speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, psychologists, vision therapists, etc.) to ensure consistent reinforcement of the child’s individual goals.

Each student in our Educational Therapy programs receives a customized Learning Plan created by our director.  Our team of educational coaches is guided and supported by our director to deliver carefully tailored lessons to help your child reach his or her fullest potential. As part of our Educational Therapy program, you will receive a personalized Session Report emailed after each session to ensure that you know how your child is doing throughout our process.  Each program includes a cumulative Progress Report, which you will review in a conference with our director at the end of each term. Our attention to results and parent collaboration distinguishes us from other tutoring centers that don’t provide measurable standards for monitoring student progress.

We offer sessions in our centers in La Jolla and Carmel Valley, as well as at private school sites during the school day for your convenience.

Support Areas:

  • Reading Foundations/Dyslexia Tutoring
  • Reading and Listening Comprehension
  • Written Language Expression
  • Math Reasoning and Calculation
  • Executive Function/Study Skills
  • Critical Thinking Skills

Educational Assessments


Are you unsure of where your child stands academically? Would you like to know more concrete information about your child’s academic skills and how they can be optimized for on-going success and enjoyment of learning? Our individually administered assessments evaluate a student’s strengths and weaknesses across multiple academic skills to provide specific recommendations for instruction and accommodations. Our assessments include norm-referenced tests accepted among the educational community as reliable measures of student achievement, as well as interviews with parents and teachers, to fully understand all areas of improvement.

Support Areas:

  • Oral Language and Listening Skills
  • Reading Decoding, Fluency, & Comprehension
  • Writing and Spelling
  • Math Calculation and Problem Solving
  • Learning Style and Executive Function Skills

Educational Consulting


Education is the foundation of your child’s future, and your decisions are vital to their success. Our directors interface with parents, classroom teachers, and other professionals who work with our students to ensure consistent support throughout any educational facets.

Support Areas:

  • Classroom Teacher Collaboration
  • Learning Plan Revision
  • Parent Support at Home
  • Referral to Support Services
  • School Placement