Dyslexia Tutoring

Does your child dislike reading and struggle to complete school assignments independently?  Did your child have difficulty learning the alphabet letters and their corresponding sounds from an early age?  Does he/she mispronounce or guess at words when reading aloud? Do spelling errors get in the way of your child’s ability to express his/her ideas in writing? If so, your child may have dyslexia, a learning disorder that literally means, “dys” = difficulty, “lexia” = with words.

Dyslexia stems from differences in the brain related to language processing.  It can be hereditary, associated with strengths in intellectual functioning as well as specific challenges affecting reading and learning.  Dyslexia can also accompany other learning disabilities and developmental disorders, such as ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Individuals with dyslexia may exhibit the following symptoms:

  • Slow, choppy oral reading
  • Errors in reading common “sight words”
  • Errors and/or frequent guessing at longer, multisyllabic words
  • Numerous spelling errors
  • Speech articulation and/or word retrieval difficulties
  • Academic performance inconsistent with intelligence

Students with dyslexia commonly perform well below their intellectual potential in academics. When students face difficulties acquiring fluent reading skills, they struggle to complete their homework and classroom assignments, oftentimes causing a negative impact on their self-esteem.

La Jolla Learning Works’ dyslexia tutoring program targets the specific cognitive skills that need strengthening for students to become effective, fluent readers. These areas include:

  • Phonemic Awareness – Sound Recognition
  • Phonological Processing – Letter Sound/Symbol Correspondence, Decoding/Word Attack, Spelling, Syllable Types and Syllabication Rules
  • Fluency – Rate and Accuracy
  • Word Part Meaning and Vocabulary

Our one-on-one dyslexia tutoring addresses the specific gaps in an individual’s fundamental literacy skills with Orton-Gillingham based, structured, systematic, multisensory language instruction.  We utilize research-based programs proven to be effective in treating dyslexia to advance each student to grade-level proficiency in reading fluency and comprehension.  Personalized dyslexia tutoring to emphasize individual interests and provide regular feedback on performance motivates our students to reach their highest level of achievement potential.  Through our tutoring for dyslexia, we help our students find enjoyment in reading and a love of learning.

Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation to learn more about how our tutoring programs for dyslexia can set your child on the pathway to his or her full achievement potential.